Yoga Retreat Paros, Greece


Join me for a 7-day retreat on a beautiful island in Greece. A seven day immersion in yoga, nature and relaxation. Recharging yourself.

Date: 10 – 17 MAY 2025
Location: Eko Yoga Retreat, Paros, Greece
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What you can expect:

  • 2 daily yoga practices taking place in the beautiful yoga shala in the olive garden
  • In the morning dynamic Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa flow and in the afternoon Aerial Restorative Yoga and Easy Flow.

In the background sound singing birds and the Aegean sea and we are only a few steps away from the beach with crystal clear water


Vegan | Vegetarian food. Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown on the property. “Enjoy delicious cuisine based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, emphasizing wellbeing, balance and bliss in the body.

Location Eko Yoga Retreat

“Our Eko Yoga Retreat is located on the relatively untouched seaside of Santa Maria on the tranquil peninsular of Paros Island, Greece. The surrounding Elements, especially the Earth and Water. The closeness to nature in its rawness and purity creates deeply nourishing conditions for your healing, rejuvenation and self reflection.”

We are located 7km from Naoussa.

Naoussa, the charming little village on the northern coast of Paros, Greece. With its beautiful Cycladic architecture, colorful harbor, and narrow alleys adorned with white houses and vibrant pink bougainvilleas, Naoussa truly oozes that amazing Greek island charm! It’s pretty as a picture during the day, but it is when the sun starts to set that this place really comes alive with loads of energy, pulling in a multitude of visitors who come to explore some of the island’s best restaurants.

Reserve your spot!

Reserve your spot by sending me an email. I will then keep you up to date about all the booking information.

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