Restore & Recharge Aerial Yoga Teacher training

Restore and Recharge Aerial Yoga is a type of Aerial Yoga that gives your body a chance to recover and recharge, in a very soft way. The postures invite you to observe and experience silence. A consious and deep breath helps you to release tension and to connect to your body. The pressure of the silk against your body gives you a deep tissue massage and it invites you to research if and why you feel resistance: ‘what am i holding on to and why?’. 

During this 2-day training, you will learn how to build up a class. We’ll take a closer look into the postures and discuss options on how to get someone into and out of a pose safely. The technique contains 2 elements:- soft Restorative; letting go, recovering- Yin with a few more energetic Yang elements. The training includes a Restore and Recharge manual/workbook. In this manual you will find information about how to teach a basic 65 minute Restorative class and different poses and options on how to build up a class. 

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