About me

Yoga is like a dance through my soul. A path of discovery. A way of life that feeds my natural spontaneity and intuition. My dance background has shaped who I am. It has brought me flexibility. Not only in my body but as a human being. It has taught me to adapt to situations and environments, to move with whatever comes my way.

In moving from Belgrade to Rotterdam in 1994 after finishing the dance academy in Serbia, it has meant an adjustment in culture and surroundings. When I left the dance world a few years later to work in retail as a store manager and later a regional manager I applied my flexibility in lifestyle and daily routine situations. The same happened when I switched from management to yoga. Besides that, I encounter and get the opportunity to trust my flexibility in daily life, when I travel (which I love to do as often as possible) and in every challenge I face in life.

Yoga is like coming home. Dance already made moving a very natural thing for me, but yoga gave it a new dimension. An internal journey. The movement I initiated with dance, got lifted to another level. Turning inward, connecting, feeling and listening.

The Teacher Trainings I attended were all fed by movement. The 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India laid the foundation for all of the classical postures. In the 200 and 500 hour Pralaya Yoga Teacher Training with Robert Boustany and Dorinda Farver I submerged myself into anatomy and energetics, both in relation to my own body as well as my student’s bodies. And during the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training I could dive deeper into my intention for creating a loving place where people can let go and experience freedom and strength in their own body.

Movement is at the heart of my development. The trainings and decade of teaching at amazing studio’s throughout the world are part of my growth. And from June 2020, my own yoga studio HOMYoga Breda is the place to spread my wings even further and share with you everything I’ve learned and experienced.

I would love to meet you in one of my classes!


For more information mail to info@homyogabreda.nl

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