Corona safety information

A safe place. Where you can recharge and let go. That’s important. Always, but especially now. Would you like to know how we can create this together?

Cleaning & hygiene

Desinfectant is provided in the studio. We’d like to ask you to use it when you arrive at the studio. The yoga spaces, mats and hammocks are cleaned regularly. And ventilating the spaces is also done on a regular basis.

Safe distance

We maintain a 1,5 metres distance in the studio. The amount of available spots in a class has been adjusted accordingly. Please make sure you book your spot in advance to make sure you can participate in a class. To avoid crowding in the common area, we’d like to ask you to arrive at the studio 10 minutes in advance at the earliest and to leave the studio right away after the class has ended. Hugging isn’t an option right now. Let’s connect in a non-physical way!

Your own materials

Bring your own mat, block(s) and blanket as much as you possibly can. If you have no other choice, there are a few mats available in the studio for you to borrow. Please bring your own towel to put over the borrowed mat when you use it. By the way; beautiful Holi mats are available for purchase in the studio!


Do you have a cold or are you experiencing any other health problems? Even if you feel finer, please don’t come to the studio. You can take an online class instead. We’re looking forward to meeting again as soon as you haven’t had any symptoms for at least 24 hours.